Learning The Skills Required To Work On Modern Supercars

Posted on: 12 November 2021


Trade schools are an excellent place to get the skills you need in many industries, including automotive repair. Most automotive tech schools teach the things necessary for working on sports cars and performance engines. Still, to work on high-price supercars, you need some additional skills and knowledge that you can get from a supercar mechanic school. 

Finding A Training Program

If your goal is to work on some of the world's fastest performance cars, a supercar mechanic school is an excellent place to start. You can attend private schools, and some supercar builders offer factory training programs for mechanics that already have training working on performance cars. 

The factory training programs are often aimed at training technicians to work in factory-supported dealerships on new or used supercars made by one manufacturer. Privately operated supercar mechanic schools offer training for technicians who want to work on a variety of cars and might be a better option for techs interested in working for an automotive custom shop or race team that uses these high-end performance cars on the track. 

Many sizeable automotive training schools offer supercar training as additional training after learning the basics of automotive repair. Check with the training schools in your area to see if they offer the additional training, or do an online search to find schools that provide what you seek.

Requirements Of Training 

Each supercar training school will have its requirements for students entering their program. In some cases, you may need to have already some training and work experience as an automotive technician before they will accept you. Other schools may not require any training and may prefer to train students from the start to learn to make repairs to the cars using specific methods. 

If you are attending a training program at a school that teaches many different levels of automotive repair, the training you get in the primary program may be all you need, but check with the school for clarification.

Program Costs

Attending supercar mechanic school is typically not inexpensive. These programs are very detailed, and the information you are learning may even be proprietary in some cases. Check with the school you are considering to determine the cost of their program and if there is any financial aid available for the training. 

Most techs who come out of these programs and work for a dealer or custom shop stand to make a significant salary, but if you spend a large portion of it paying for loans, you may want to consider other financing options. 

For more information, contact a local program, like Exotic and Super Car Mechanic School.